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Banish Rough Hands and Feet!

Banish Rough Hands and Feet!

Does your skin care routine only involve facial products? If you think your face is the only area you should focus on when it comes to skin care then you are dead wrong! While your face may get most of the skin care love, there are plenty of other parts of your body that deserve just as much attention. Most people neglect those areas that work the hardest!  What about your hands and feet?! Walking, running, sweating, uncomfortable shoes, etc. are all things that could lead to aging of your feet. You need good products that could prevent issues from arising. Nobody likes to think of having callus, dry, cracked feet, or having warts and blisters but it happens. Using a product targeting these areas can prevent issues like those to occur.

Your hands can also come across any of the conditions mentioned above if you don’t take care of them! They are one of the most hard-working aspects of your body. Whether you’re typing at work, lifting at the gym, walking in the cold without gloves, or holding a cup of hot coffee, your hands are feeling the work. Therefore, you’ll find plenty of over-priced anti-wrinkle cream for your hands on the market. But don’t fall for the marketing gimmick! You don’t need crazy, expensive products to take care of your skin.

Your skin care fix for your hands and feet can be as easy as throwing on a pair of socks and gloves once a week. The Epielle line of Moisturizing Socks and Gloves are special moisturizing socks for these two often forgotten areas. The Moisturizing line contains Sunflower Seed oil, Avocado Oil, and Vitamin E. They are perfect for soothing dry and rough hands. These gloves are multi-taskers! The essential oils loaded with intensive fortifying emulsions strengthen nails, moisturize hands, and soften cuticles. The gel formula inside can be used with your regular moisturizer as it will not interact with any ingredients. If you want to switch it up, the Hydrating formula contains shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E! This is a body heat activated formula that can also be used with your other products.

The Epielle Beauty team shows you exactly how to use them in the video HERE or watch it below So don’t leave your hands and feet without any love on your next spa day! Purchase your set at the link below and give us your thoughts on the products on our pages!


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