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Our Journey into Sheet Masks

Our Journey into Sheet Masks

At the heart and soul of Korean Beauty products are sheet masks. For those of us who have been major skin care junkies for quite a while, those soft, silky masks haven’t always been in our routine. We loved slathering our faces with a mud mask, clay mask, or anything in a jar that would promise us “flawless, blemish-free skin.” And we all go through the different trends, hit all the different price points, and tried all the different selling platforms. Our products range from high end Nordstrom masks to cheap best-selling Amazon mud and clay masks.

Skin Care Addiction

Some of us love going out for hours shopping for skin care products and trying new things. After years of testing out so many different formulas, we tend to know our skin very well. We eventually know what works, as well as what irritates our skin. Because of our experimentation and curiosity, we get into more complicated masks that need a few ingredients if it means the best for our skin. With every purchase comes hours of research. But for some of us, with school, work and social gatherings, we become busier and busier. We don’t always have the time to run around looking for different add on ingredients. Sometimes we need a simple product that we can throw on. Whether for on the go or for those nights when we are simply too exhausted do all the other maintenance required. That’s where K-beauty steps in.

Some of us at first aren’t very attracted to a lot of the products due to our comfort in the multiple product routine. Sheet masks specifically, were practically unheard of in the beginning. The question on everyone’s mind is always “but will they work”. This is when the experimentation kicks in because how do we know for sure until we try? Its good to be curious. But you can also always do your research by reading up on the reviews and checking out social media. Reading about how convenient these masks were and for one-time use was exciting. We could come home late from work and not have to worry about the mess or time it took to do our normal routines. No real mess, no fuss and we could still go about relaxing the rest of the night. But what really draws in some, is the great price. We can buy packets of 12 for $20. Some of us only plan to use them maybe twice a week. Meaning you are only spending 20 bucks for two months. Meanwhile, we are spending almost $100 for some of our skin care products and, depending on how vigorously you use those products, can last you maybe a month or 2. Not saying it’s a waist of money because who knows what some of us would have to go through if we didn’t have those skin care products. But for those of us who don’t have all that time and money to spend every day, Korean skin care has become a skin savor.

Here comes the “BUT”…
It’s very important to know certain things about sheet masks. They’re not meant to completely replace your regular skin care routine. Most only use them about once to twice a week; especially for those busy days that completely drain you of energy. They’re also best for hydrating and moisturizing, so if you have oily skin, they’re definitely not for everyday use. And we love them for helping us on the days when our skin becomes excessively dry. Sheet masks were a great way to bring back needed hydration.

We’re currently extending our sheet mask line and the new designs are very exciting and fun! We can’t wait for you all to see them. Whether it’s your first-time trying sheet masks or you’re a diehard fan, check out the ones we have available below and give us your thoughts. If you want a full spa day, try one of our 3-Step Complete Facial Kit (featured above in the video)