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Epielle Exfoliating Bubble Mask

Epielle Exfoliating Bubble Mask


There are so many great products coming out for Epielle Brand and one of our favorites is the Exfoliating Bubble Mask. We will get into the product in just a moment. But for now, let’s talk about why we should exfoliate.

Exfoliation: What’s the big deal?

We all know that proper moisturizing, application of sunscreen and use of the special ingredients is the best way to keep our skin healthy and glowing. But, if we are not exfoliating, how will all of that properly be absorbed? You see, Exfoliation refers to the removal of the dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. Proper exfoliation, whether by manually scrubbing or using products that contain special acids and other ingredients, helps to remove that layer of dead skin while unclogging and uncovering your new skin layer. Our skins process of skin cell regeneration slows down as we age making it harder to shed the dead skin as quickly. As old skin cells pile up, it results in our skin looking rough and dry. It causes our skin to create excess oil which clogs our pores and can ultimately lead to acne. Exfoliation will help remove those issues from the table and make way for all those moisturizing products to work effectively. However, we also need to remember no to over exfoliate. This can lead to skin irritations. Best to add exfoliating to your routine only once to twice a week, depending on your skin type. Everything in moderation.

So why do we love our Exfoliating Bubble Mask?  

Epielle Exfoliating Bubble Mask is made with Activated Charcoal, Natural Exfoliating Beads, Hyaluronic Acid and so many other botanicals that help your skin to be at its best. #1, Charcoal helps to detox your skin by drawing out toxins, bacteria and impurities like a magnet. #2, Hyaluronic acid is actually a natural substance created by your body and the largest amounts of this is found in your skin and eyes. This substance is what helps your skin retain water or moisture which helps reduce wrinkles and blemishes. But we all need that boost to keep our skin healthy and supple. Especially as we age. #3, This product contains natural exfoliating beads. No worries about those little plastic bits going down our drains and into our environment. On top of all of that, this exfoliating bubble mask is packed with natural botanicals such as Lavender, Rosemary, Oatmeal, Thyme, Ginkgo Biloba and other wonderful ingredients including invigorating oxygen bubbles that help refine and refresh our skin. We just love the feel of the bubbles on our skin as well.

Now the question is, have you tried it yet?

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