Pure-Aid 100% Cotton Swabs, 500ct (Compare to Q-Tips)


  • Extra soft cotton swabs
  • Compare to national brand Q-Tips
  • Beauty Care
    • Make-up applicator for eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick, lip gloss, etc.
    • Handy tool to use with nail polish remover
    • Remove eye make-up smudges
  • Cleansing Tool
    • Great tool for dust and wipe in and around crevices
    • Detail cleansing tool for musical instruments
    • Wipe off dirt and dust in dashboards and vents
  • Crafts
    • Use as disposable paintbrush
    • Glue applicator
  • Health Care
    • Use in first aid
    • Ointments and cream applicator
    • Clean cuts and scrapes
  • Baby Care
    • Gentle care for toes, fingers, and areas that need tender care
    • Sensitive care for newborn's umbilical cord