epielle®Sili Puff Professional Applicator, 1ct (Compare to ELF)


epielle Sili Puff Professional Applicator, a soft and flexible SILI-PUFF is an essential cosmetic applicator tool. The BONUS storage case prevents rips, tears or punctures, and helps your SILI-PUFF last longer!

  • epielle Sili Puff Professional Applicator
  • Apply product without waste or residue on your fingers 
  • Wipe clean with makeup wipes, soap, water or sanitizing spray
  •  BONUS storage case 
  • 1 Count
  • For all skin types
Apply skin care or makeup product without waste or residue on your fingers or in the applicator. No more wasted products.


    Traditional sponges are the breeding ground for bacteria when leftover makeup products, dirt, germs or dead skin cells get absorbed. SILI-PUFF is non-porous, so nothing can be absorbed into SILI-PUFF.


        • Wipe clean with makeup wipes, soap, water or sanitizing spray.
        • Reuse, Reuse, Reuse!


        • Foundation
        • Concealer
        • Cream
        • Lotion
        • Serum
        • Bronzer
        • Blush

      HOW TO USE

      Apply a small amount of product onto SILI-PUFF or directly on the skin
      Blend product in a circular motion or back and forth to evenly spread it
      Continue to blend or tap until the product is evenly absorbed into the skin.
      If desired, final blending can be finished with a brush or sponge.

        HOW TO CLEAN

        Wash with mild soap, rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.


        Keep out of direct heat and sunlight
        Keep out of reach of children
        Keep away from sharp objects like tweezers or scissors.
        Change to a new one once outer lining is damaged.
        For external use only. DO not ingest.


            Blend of silicone and encapsulated thermoplastic polyurethane