epielle®Collagen Rejuvenating Mask, 1ct


    • epielle Vitamin E Moisturizing Mask
    • Replenishes and purifies tired and dull skin
    • Provides intense moisturizing and lifting
    • Say NO to harsh chemicals
    • 1 Mask / 0.7 oz (23 ml)
    • For all skin types
epielle Rejuvenating Sheet Mask with Collagen and essential botanical extracts rejuvenates and renews tired and dull skin. The concentrated serum in the skin-fit contouring sheet provides intense moisturizing and lifting. Take better care of your skin with epielle.

Wash your face. Apply toner if desired.
Remove the mask from packaging and unfold.
Apply the mask on the face. Smooth out the mask gently to fit the contours of your face. You may wish to pull the mask upwards around the jawline for lifting effects.
Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes.
Gently massage excess serum onto the face to help the skin absorb.