epielle®Hair Dye Color for Women - Auburn


    • epielle Hair Dye Color for Women - Auburn
    • Lasting color that nourishes
    • Rich non-drip color cream 
    • Long-lasting hair color.
    • 1 count 
epielle Hair Dye Color for Women  - Discover lasting color that nourishes to leave healthy and natural looking hair.

Key Product Features:
LUSTROUS AND VIBRANT COLOR - Rich non-drip color cream works with your natural tones and highlights to create customized shade that shimmer and shine.
NOURISHING COLOR CREAM - Nourishes each strand with built-in conditioners to leave healthy and natural looking hair every time you color.
FADE RESISTANT AND LONG LASTING COLOR - Color so lush and radiant that it resists fading to give you long-lasting hair color.
Package contains:
Color base, Color developer, Gloves.
COLOR CREAM: ascorbic acid, Cetearyl alchl, disodium EDTA, dl-panthenol, ethanolamine, fragrance, hydrogenated lanolin, hydrolyzed collagen, isopropyl myristate, p-amino-o-cresol, p-aminophenol, peg-90m, polyoxyethylene cetyl ether phosphate, Polyquaternium-10, propylene glycol, resorcinol, sodium sulfite anhydrous, water.
COLOR DEVELOPER: Cetearyl alchl, disodium EDTA, hydrogen peroxide solution laneth -25, phosphoric acid, sodium polyoxyethylene lauryl ether
sulfate, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, water.