Epielle Eye Shadow Concealer Brush





Epielle Premium Oval Brushes feature velvety soft, densely packed ultra fine fibers to ensure an airbrushed effect with a flawless professional finish. The tapered tip and flexible tilted handle are designed to reach every contour with precision and seamlessly blend liquid, cream or power into your skin for beautiful look. 

For application to fold/crease of the eyelid quickly and softly to help sculpt and target small areas like the corners of the eye or beside the nostrils. Ideal for applying concealers, eye shadows or highlighting on the brow bone.

<How to use>

  • Pick up a small amount of product with the tip of the brush or apply directly it to your skin before blending.
  • Glide the brush gently across the surface of the skin in a continuous circular motion until you get the coverage and blend you are looking for

Bristle material: Synthetic

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