Epielle Brush Shampoo with Silicone Cleansing Pad, 4oz




EPIELLE BRUSH CLEANSER SHAMPOO is formulated to deep clean, disinfect and condition natural or synthetic cosmetic brushes. Gently yet effectively clean your brushes with included soft silicone brush cleansing pad. Perfect for epielle velvety soft OVAL Brushes and epielle make up blender sponges. For even more convenient daily cleansing, try epielle BRUSH CLEANSING WIPES!

  • Extend the life of your brush
  • Prevent gunky buildup
  • Improve make-up application with clean brush
  • Prevent breakouts with clean brush
  • 120mL


  • Dampen brush bristles with lukewarm water. Dispense a small amount of shampoo on the cleansing pad. Gently swirl the brush into shampoo to create a light lather, working the lather through bristles and gently scrub on the cleansing pad. Rinse thoroughly. repeat if necessary. Once the brush is clean, squeeze out excess water with a lint-free tissue. Reshape brush and lay flat or upside-down to dry. Deep clean your brush as often as you can. For a quick and convenient cleansing, try epielle daily brush wipes.


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