Pure-Aid Rolled Gauze 4in x 2yds, 1Roll

  • $2.45

  • Stretches and conforms
  • Protects and cushions
  • Securing pads to hard to bandages area
  • Providing freedom of movement
  • Primary dressing
  • 1 roll - 4in x 2yds (4.1yds stretched)
  • Sterile


  • Stop bleeding by applying pressure with sterile gauze.
  • Clean injured area gently with antiseptic or mild soap and water. Pat dry.
  • Protect wound by applying ointment or first aid cream.
  • Cover injured area with a Pure-Aid Gauze Pad to help absorb fluids. Wrap Pure-Aid Rolled Gauze to firmly secure and help seal out dirt and contaminants.
  • Secure bandage with tape.

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