Sunscreen is the Best Investment

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There is no doubt that sunscreen is a common household item and is known to prevent sunburn when going to the beach or a swimming pool, but it is not always one of the top priorities for every day usage. Experts actually recommend that you wear sunscreen throughout the year, even in the winter. Who Knew? Well, now we do. Snow and ice can reflect up to 90% of UV rays. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, these harmful rays can not only can cause skin cancer, but are also the source of about 90 percent of all wrinkles. Up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds on an overcast day, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.
Makeup, face masks and cleansers only serve to enhance and cleanse your existing skin, NOT reverse irreparable damage. Therefore, having scars and wrinkles from the sun will make it impossible to put your best self forward. Nobody is immune from sun damage and it’s important to remember that even during the winter. This winter, don’t let those clouds fool you; the sun’s reflection can be incredibly powerful.
All the excitement and angst of a holiday getaway can deter one from packing the necessary essentials for great skincare and over all wellbeing such as first aid items. Luckily, is your one stop shop for everything needed.   
Here are just a few of the things we would pack:
What are some skin essentials you like to pack on your weekend getaway?
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